Dominik, Wrocław
The process of complete finishing and fitting out of the flat often comes down to a good budget and tracking the costs. In light of lack of the upper cost limit of the design, a service of a professional architect (changing wall alignment, functionality of rooms, layout and furniture alignment, etc.) especially at the beginning may be a significant cost which unfortunately we may wrongly assume that is redundant or too high. From the perspective of the already completed 6-month design execution I perceive the cost as a good investment. I am at a loss to provide the number of changes for good which an architect may propose and implement but it is worth noting that some of them pay back directly: lower costs of services (companies and architects partner programs), saved time, contact with material suppliers from Poland, ergonomic and cost-saving solutions which I would never think of and which affect your daily life. Work with Ms Sylwia Dymek was a pleasure. Excellent approach and ability to transfer the needs of a Client on paper and then materialize the needs in the form of the whole design must have resulted in an ideal solution in line with our expectations. I just cannot imagine such result, as far as aesthetics and visual impression and finishing and ergonomics are concerned without Sylwia.
Justyna and Paweł, Wrocław
We cooperated with Sylwia Dymek and the VinciDesign team in 2012 during interior design stage for a 104-meter apartment in Wrocław. Cooperation with VinciDesign was particularly successful - the designs on every stage were very precise, Sylwia Dymek took care of the smallest detail, minimising our work on the finishing stage. Each team which we currently work with praises the VinciDesign designs saying that it has been a long time since they had so well prepared designs. We worked together in a very nice atmosphere, seamlessly and without any problems – we highly recommend VinciDesign! Justyna and Paweł.
Kombinat 2000 Sp. z o.o.
In the period from April 2013 to January 2015 VinciDesign prepared interior designs for our project entitled: „Upgrading and extension of the facilities of the former Folwark for rehabilitation and caring departments with hotel, restaurant and cultural facilities and construction of the accompanying infrastructure and a guesthouse for the elderly” in Leszno at Jana Ostroroga Street.
The documentation included all interior design stages in buildings A and B: from the concept to the interior working designs and photorealistic visualisations.
Facilities data:
Building A Building B Building C Building 4 TOTAL
Net area 3019m2 2475m2 3257m2 177m2 8928m2
Net cubature 10766m3 8206m3 9759m3 584m3 29315m3

The construction works commenced in July 2013 and were completed in May 2015. The works were carried out in a timely manner and on 16 June 2015 the facility obtained the occupancy permit.
The estimated construction cost amounted to PLN 30 m.
Mgr inż. arch. Sylwia Dymek carried out the design architect’s supervision. The design works were carried out in a timely manner and to great satisfaction of the Ordering Party.
Radosław, Wrocław
Sylwia and VinciDesign deserve the highest praise. Fully professional and precisely prepared design and great involvement in work – these are main reasons why it is worth entrusting creation of your ideal interior with VinciDesign. We will definitely return with other projects. Thank you Sylwia :-)
Monika, Wrocław
Cooperation with VinciDesign, with an architect Sylwia Dymek is pure pleasure. A very competent, patient and creative person who can reconcile practical solutions with aesthetics and who meets client's all needs. Very disciplined, timely and very flexible. The flat concerned required a lot of transformations and improvements - Sylwia did her job! The cooperation result caused that I feel wonderful and comfortable in my flat in every sense. I strongly recommend, Monika.
Jan, Jelenia Góra
Ms Sylwia Dymek designed two “turn-key” flats for me of the total area of 115m2. Both designs were comprehensive from designing a new function to selection of details such as pillows and vases. Most of the furniture was made to size, designed in detail therefore they ideally match my needs. I recommend the design with the author’s supervision of the architect to all those who do not have nerves for it and want to save time and be able to collect the keys to a beautifully finished flat quickly.
Jan, Pietrzykowice
I recommend Mrs Sylwia Dymek as a very professional designer. After a few meetings and discussions concerning my flat, Sylwia easily and quickly prepared an interior design in a few variants with visualisations – thanks to that I had a choice and it was easier to decide on a variant which matched my needs. After Sylwia completed the interior design, she moved on to the refurbishment, ordered and delivered all the equipment to the construction site and supervised the construction team. Sylwia demonstrated a great attention to detail, punctuality and involvement which allowed me to move through the refurbishment stage stress-free and the final result came up to my expectations.