The apartment located in the heart of Wrocław in the only sky-scraper – Sky Tower was designed with the "turn-key" execution. By combining two apartments the owner achieved an impressive area of 170m2 of minimalistic interiors and a large open kitchen, spacious dining room, a private office, two bedrooms, two bathrooms (including a guest bathroom) and a sauna. The main guideline of the investor was to open the space towards the glass walls of the apartment. Hence the huge dining table was placed along the glass wall and the corner sofa set was placed with its side to the entrance. The visible back of the sofa set is completed by a comfortable shelf which is an aesthetic finishing of the side of the piece of furniture. The furniture in the living room was custom-designed to accommodate a set of speakers and a radio and TV set – with appropriate ventilation of the equipment and controllers hidden inside. The whole effect is enhanced by designer details – the Samurai and Atremide lamps, George Nelson’s armchairs and the Cor hookers and chairs. The whole area is equipped with an intelligent light, temperature, music steering solutions and a home cinema.