“Antonińska” Hotel and Restaurant Design with Author's Supervision. Due to the historical character of the building the interior design was an interesting challenge. Initially the facility was a folwark in the Antoniny in the Leszczyński district. The main objective of the interior design was to retain the individual, historical style of the facility while designing a comfortable, modern interior. The new program required designing a set of rehabilitation and caring departments with a hotel and restaurant and a cultural facility and construction of accompanying infrastructure and a guest house for the elderly. The original brick walls were preserved in the restaurant and in the generally accessible areas. The ceiling in the central point of the restaurant was made as a spacious block - sculpture made from the Corten sheet-metal which corresponds to the material used in the facades. Multi-layer green walls (reindeer moss) is in contrast with a rough brick and sheet-metal adding cosiness to the interior and a natural character. Wooden furniture, white tablecloths and large plant pots with greenery create an elegant style of the restaurant. The hall was furnished with a reception desk which was custom-made. Light walls, flooring made from epoxy-resin and white brick make the green wall come out especially when lit with a slit lighting. The hospital rooms on each floor have a different leading colour which as colour elements may be presented in the visual identification of the facility (direction arrows on the corridor floors, facility layout, wall bumpers and colour stripes on the room door wings). The bathrooms were also designed for the disabled featuring elegant handles and exclusive equipment. The conference room's unique character is achieved by dynamically aligned lamps which optically lower the ceiling giving the interior better proportions. The walls’ colours correspond to the visual design of the first floor. The rehabilitation room was designed in the shades of orange and other energetic colour elements. The facility was also equipped with beds for patients suffering from the Alzheimer's disease, mechanically-ventilated patients, undergoing cardiologic and orthopaedic rehabilitation and a general department.
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