The design with the “turn-key” execution. The functional assumption in the designed interior was to separate usable areas, including the private and generally accessible areas. The kitchen which was initially separated was partially opened – while keeping the “dirty” part hidden behind a high refrigerator, oven and microwave cabinets. The entrance area could be extended and could be accommodated with wardrobes and utility storage cabinets. The kitchen and living room area was smoothly connected thanks to the dining area – a convertible table may accommodate up to 8 persons. The bathroom was equipped with a large and comfortable bath with a rain shower head. A long bath screen allows for a comfortable bath. A washing machine is hidden in a cabinet therefore the bathroom remains elegant and cosy. A lot of wall cabinets with mirrors above the washbasin create space for cosmetics, clean towels, paper etc. The bedroom floor was fitted with a soft carpet with think and short pile. The colours of whitened oak, off-whites and grey combined with bluish elements dominate the interior thus we kept the modern character of the interior while the wood adds cosiness. Lack of sharp contrasts makes the area optically larger.